>consistent objections
half of which are parroting somehting that so far has not proven to be an actual thing.
such as the much parroted Colour palette or artstyle thing, which i have disproven twice now and nobody actually bothers to back it up.

the other thing is RTWP combat, which lets be frank, isnt happening.

And on anything else you cannot actually agree on.
Some of you want it to be "dark and mature", but somehow you still want it to look like BG1 and 2, some want it to be a 2D game, some want it to be a 3D game, some dont want larian developing it at all.
some want to stick to 2E rules, some are fine with 5E but dont want rules alterations at all. Some of you explode at the thought of multiplayer while others want it cause BG1 and 2 had it.

You fundamentally cannot actually boil down your vision beyonda nything that is "RTWP and stroking my nostalgia boner"
But you forget that nostalgia is different for every person and things are interpreted differently.

For a personal example, im disatisifed with many reimaginings of morrowind because they keep making the landscape lush.
for many people the "imaginary" morrowind always had tons of foliage because there were tree modles in morrowind, only they looked very barren due to graphical limitations.
For me, morrowind always looked barren and almost desert like because i took said graphical limitations as an intention of design (which it might have been)
So whose right now? Whose vision is correct?
Nobodys is, because your brain interprets what you see differently.

I mean for crying out loud, so many of you somehow look at the ye olde england bright green garden landscapes of BG1 and somehow see "gritty dark" fantasy. Because thats how your brain imagined it.
You cannot win against imagination.

all those boxes you want checked dont exist.
Theres only one you can agree on, and that ones basically a sacred cow