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[There is an objective list of criteria (including things like RTwP as you say, UI, number of party members, resemblance across the board to DOS) mixed in with more subjective aspects like the atmosphere and lighting and how they affect the game. The difficulty being that people prioritise that list according to their own views, and also the fact that pretty much none of these boxes have been checked at all makes people far more critical across the board and with reference to aspects that are harder to quantify and define.

But however you look at it there's a certain degree of fidelity that people expect when you seek to continue a series and it just doesn't seem to be there in any aspect of it.

Again, for the umpteenth time, you literally haven't seen any of the game beyond an intro area that teaches you about the game and it's basic mechanics. You haven't seen the darker and grittier parts of the game. You haven't seen 99% of the world and the feel of it. You haven't seen the areas, like Baldur's Gate, that may actually align more to what you are expecting to see. You haven't seen the people and stories that actually connect this game and storyline to BG1 and 2. Swen said he literally played through both BG1 and 2 in preparation for making this game.

All you complainers literally haven't seen anything to complain about yet when it comes to the look and feel of the game, the story, etc. The only complaints you have a leg to stand on about are the reduced party size (which I agree, I'd like it to be at least 6) and that's about it. Everything has a 'realistic' look compared to the 2D, lower resolution of the first games.