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Target Audience by priority IMHO.

D&D 5e fans
Forgotten Realms fans
Divinity fans
TBRPG fans
Traditional Baldur's Gate fans.

As both a 5e fan and even more so an FR fan and a TB fan its shocking to be in the target demographic for once because that nevet seems to jappen to me.

Sorry, I think @_Vic_ has the right of it. For me it is abundantly clear the target audience by priority are:

D:OS fans
Co-op fans
TB combat fans
Tabletop D&D 5e fans
<big gap>
FR fans
BG1/2 fans

with the last two groups not really important to the BG3 devs at all.

A Venn diagram of these groups would basically be one big circle. Yes, I'm exaggerating, but not that much, there is far more overlap than outliers.

The whole point of the lists was *priority*, so a Venn diagram wouldn't make any sense.

My point is that these groups and what they want out of a game are overwhelmingly similar. There is no "priority," since all of these fan groups are basically the same people with the same expectations. I get that you are arguing that what appeals to D:OS fans is not the same as what appeals to you as a BG fan, but you are certainly in a small minority in liking one but not the other. I think the overwhelming majority of D:OS fans would, do, or did love BG, and vice versa.