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Hi, I´m the ghost of Posts past, just giving a friendly reminder that the gameplay trailers and design look exactly like the original source material of WotC`s Forgotten realms D&D5e, so the game trailer looks exactly like Baldur´s gate, It´s just (DND5e) Baldur´s gate.

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This is VERY fallacious. Just look at the mindflayer that you posted and the one in the BG3 cinematic. Same for the Dragon. And no. Has nothing to do with resolution. I am not expecting the same level of details as the cinematics, but the same approach. And they showed that they know how to portrait a realistic version of FR.

Complaining only for feedback purposes. Once the game is final I don't care anymore.

Uh, If we are talking about fallacious, maybe we could talk about the fact that I´ve never posted a picture of a dragon. That´s a made-up quote created by you XDD

This is what I posted. No dragons. And as you can see, the githyanki or the tiefling looks exactly the same. Those are images from the game, not the intro movie.
In the WOTC D&D5e module "Descent into Avernus" you start in Baldur´s gate and in that adventure you start in Baldur´s gate. I am not going to post images because I do not think that is SRD material but If anyone could take a look at the source material of the book it´s pretty clear that the architecture, the landscape and even the uniforms of the flaming fist are fairly bright and colourful.

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To be fair, the art of the D&D5e Forgotten Realms is what I assume you call "cartoonish" (Just make a search online) so I do not think Larian is to fully blame here. It would be different if the setting is Eberron or Ravenloft, I suppose.

If you are making a game based in a franchise, It´s usual to follow the design guidelines of the franchise, like in Mordheim and W40k. Mostly because WOTC will want his brand to be recognizable.

Taking a look at the WoTC official material from D&D beyond and the monsters manual anyone can see that they made a pretty good depiction of the creatures

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I suppose It´s a matter of tastes. I kinda like it the comic vibe.
And as I said, the videogame versions of the creatures really look like the D&D5e counterparts.

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And no, no videogame looks like the cinematic intro movie, no matter how many times you claim the opposite.


This is an ilithid from the monster´s manual, I think the similarities with the one depicted in the game are fairly obvious.


The dragon in the intro movie have a similar design too


Honestly, I think you´re just entrenched in your position in the discussion and don´t see beyond that.

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