IrenicusBg3 daid: "And they showed that they know how to portrait a realistic version of FR."

OK, so you know how a realistic dragon looks like?
We talk about a fantasy game based on DnD 5E, wotc have the rights for it and Larian makes creatures that look like the source material.
DnD is also turn based because you cannot have real time combat in PnP.
We could discuss about group initiative, some rule changes and how exactly this or that ability is animated ( please not here ), but the general art direction is very good.
Personally I think the intro movie is fantastic, very "dark and mature" and the style also fits the intro movie of BG2.

Please remember that all we have seen so far is a pre alpha demo.
They showed us some characters and some basics of gameplay.
Almost everything will change, for example the UI.
They took lots of stuff from D:OS to show us a (more or less) playable demo.

I will wait two more days to see what they show us next.

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