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My point is that these groups and what they want out of a game are overwhelmingly similar. There is no "priority," since all of these fan groups are basically the same people with the same expectations. I get that you are arguing that what appeals to D:OS fans is not the same as what appeals to you as a BG fan, but you are certainly in a small minority in liking one but not the other. I think the overwhelming majority of D:OS fans would, do, or did love BG, and vice versa.

No they are not the same people and so the idea of Larian choosing to prioritize some groups of fans over others completely makes sense. I don't see any evidence in support of your claim that there is significant overlap between D:OS fans and BG fans. It is merely your opinion that there is such overlap, and my opinion that there is very little overlap. But I get that you want to marginalize me by dismissing me as being "a small minority" to justify you getting what you want, namely D:OS3 pretending to be BG3.