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Uh, If we are talking about fallacious, maybe we could talk about the fact that I´ve never posted a picture of a dragon. That´s a made-up quote created by you XDD

This is what I posted. No dragons. And as you can see, the githyanki or the tiefling looks exactly the same. Those are images from the game, not the intro movie.
In the WOTC D&D5e module "Descent into Avernus" you start in Baldur´s gate and in that adventure you start in Baldur´s gate. I am not going to post images because I do not think that is SRD material but If anyone could take a look at the source material of the book it´s pretty clear that the architecture, the landscape and even the uniforms of the flaming fist are fairly bright and colourful.

And no, no videogame looks like the cinematic intro movie, no matter how many times you claim the opposite.


This is an ilithid from the monster´s manual, I think the similarities with the one depicted in the game are fairly obvious.

[Linked Image]

The dragon in the intro movie have a similar design too

[Linked Image]

Honestly, I think you´re just entrenched in your position in the discussion and don´t see beyond that.

Ok let me say that for the last time.

No, I never accused you of posting the dragon (which is from the monster manual), I just edited for ease of quoting. You and others have been ceaselessly posting pictures of source material (maybe I am not the one to be entrenched in a point of view) to "prove" that Larian is doing a faithful representation of FR.

The point is how you adapt an artwork for a certain media. You can use the same source with a more realistic approach (fantastic BG3 cinematic) or you can use in a literal adaptation (actual gameplay). Both forms are close to the source but they differ significantly (mostly notable on the unquestionable color palette difference, environment/characters matching, lightening among other things) on the final impression. The vast majority of these things you don't need a cinematic resolution to achieve it. It is actually fairly easy to implement. You need to keep the overall cohesion. Doesn't matter if individual pieces are faithful (The githyanki indeed look good and I give you that. The others need a lot of work) if your overall artwork is lacking. For some people are ok, for others it breaks the immersion. And again is an easy fix. That's why Larian releases Early Access to get feedback and this forum is the best channel to convey that. And many people have complained about this. This is just an opinion for Larian, I don't have hope to convince you that there is "a more realistic" way to portray BG3. BG2 did this 20 years ago, many games since then accomplished that and even Larian did in the cinematics. So, I am not asking for much.

"WoTC is supervising the game"
Well, there were many other games under the WoTC that did not achieve the same overall success including NWN. So this is not a stamp for quality.

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IrenicusBg3 daid: "And they showed that they know how to portrait a realistic version of FR."

OK, so you know how a realistic dragon looks like?
We talk about a fantasy game based on DnD 5E, wotc have the rights for it and Larian makes creatures that look like the source material.
DnD is also turn based because you cannot have real time combat in PnP.
We could discuss about group initiative, some rule changes and how exactly this or that ability is animated ( please not here ), but the general art direction is very good.
Personally I think the intro movie is fantastic, very "dark and mature" and the style also fits the intro movie of BG2.

Please remember that all we have seen so far is a pre alpha demo.
They showed us some characters and some basics of gameplay.
Almost everything will change, for example the UI.
They took lots of stuff from D:OS to show us a (more or less) playable demo.

I will wait two more days to see what they show us next.

You can infer how they could be realistic very, very easily. And just to clarify: I am not saying that the dragon in the cinematic looks different than the books. I am saying they took the template and made it believable (for instance they are not super red as in the book, etc...) something you don't see in general gameplay for many other things beyond. And I agree with you that the intro movie is fantastic and captures the essence the BG2 as I said earlier.

And yes, I am looking forward to Guerrilla collective. But this recent gametrailer "sizzle" was even worse than original gameplay they had.

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