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They still don't understand that RTWP is the best way to translate the rules of a D&D game in video game.

It's not.

The reason why it's not is because one person cannot properly control 4-6 other people at the same time, reacting to 5-10 enemies acting at the same time in a game with a billion different options and situations.

I think it is matter of preference.

TB +: More time to think, easier multiplayer, easy to understand, more opportunity to interact with environment, easier to be strategic
-: Slow and long sometimes boring battles, fights are like playing chess, balance issues,

Real time with pause:
+:Fun to fight against weak mobs, not much balance issue here, possibility for more enemies or characters, fights are more dynamic and way faster
-:Multiplayer is harder for 3 or 4 people, harder to interact with environment, takes time to get used to

--Also I think TB influence the animation style to be more shiny, so you probably feel more action during battle, like bows, that work like rocket launcher.

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