Just wanted to add some thoughts in this as well.

When playing a D&D session, yeah it is like RTWP and the pause is right as combat starts and it goes turn based.

Have those asking for RTWP played Larian's other games, they follow that same pattern. IT is real time, then combat starts and it is turn based.
Their implementation is almost identical to table top DND.

Also consider the heavy cost and burden it would take to implement RTWP for combat on their current engine. They would have to re-write it. why would they do that ?

I was a founder and went all in, statue and everything, for Sword Coast Legends. In that game RTWP was implemented, and took away from the D&D experience. I asked for Turn based combat right up front, as well as many others, but the developer's engine was not built that way.
I still bought the game and supported them, as well as buying the game for my entire group.

If you are looking for RTWP during combat with this game you will be looking at the same scenario I was in. I feel ya, you have a personal preference, and you like playing that way.
I don't see any advantage for players to have RTWP in this engine, and the turn based method makes it fair for all parties.

Try beating an AI on RTWP when you 4 characters each, that have 15 abilities.
How often would you pause the game during combat, if there was no AI to tell your companions what to do?
If there was an AI for them you would complain it was dumb and chose the wrong spell, power, movement , etc, or you would queue up abilities only to have to replace them, because they are no longer relevant.

I am not against RTWP , but I would prefer they put focus and $$$ into making improvements on their engine and game, instead of converting it to RTWP.