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Also I would like to add here, Im sure this had to be brought up somewhere, and that is turn based does not make this more like dnd than realtime, there is no way you can bring the hundreds if not thousands of options a player character has in pnp, you cannot replicate that in a video game, IMO it comes down to personal choice and at the end of the day, Larien won the contract.. their the dungeon master,and that's it. Im very disappointed but I can hope for my vision of a good Dungeons and dragons game will be made one day, Cryptic (Neverwinter online ) failed Lmao IMO, really the only one that came close, since Neverwinter nights 1 & 2 was DDO ( Dungeons and Dragons online) That game is really dated IMO, Would much rather have seen a new, Dungeons and Dragons online than this game, However like I said, WoTc awarded Bg3 to this company and that's it.

You're right, a videogame in this era cannot replicate the wealth of possibilities made possible by game controlled by the human brain, and powered by the capacity for human imagination.

However, I believe that the reason Larian was awarded the contract from WotC was because they demonstrated, through Divinity: Original Sin 1, and Original Sin 2, the mindset of those who were attempting to cover a tremendous array of possible options, and largely succeeding at it.

(Yes, of course it isn't perfect, and doesn't provide every possible option one might think to try, but there is only a limited game budget and finite development time if you want to release the game in a reasonable timeframe.)