Link for "all Stadia games will be natively written for Debian"?--I mean, hundreds of popular games have no Linux version available at all, so Stadia will of course be running Windows on their servers as well as whatever other OSes they may run...

First there not server that run Windows on the market for big scale servers and even "Microsoft Azure" is linux base. The big problem is directX only games. Once is developed on Vulcan or any Open-API, can be compiled to run on anything, no matter the platform, We just ask for a not only directX game. It will help Larian Studios to be able to port it easily to any platform like PS or Nintendo as they did with divinity eventually, it will help them anyways.

We are a very small group, who use only Linux. But we just ask for to be included on the already development Larian will do for Stadia. It will take almost not effort, all the work is done by using the right API.

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