Some requests about immersion and animations.
I do like much of what we've seen so far in the demos. My main concerns though are these:

All Actions look and sound like magic for some reason:
Even doing a simple sword swing attack such as the attack called "Pushing Attack", or shooting an arrow, or Dash, or jumping, has light effects and sounds that makes it sound like you are casting a magic spell. This is very immersion-breaking. Please please please make it so that the only Actions that feels and looks and sounds like magic, are actual magic spells and mystic abilities like psionics and so on.
Having all Actions look and sound like magic, makes the magic in the game feel that much more trivial in the feel of the animation. It makes everything just feel like "just another Ability like everything else", rather than magic and mystical abilities feeling like something special in comparrison to ordinary Skills and ordinary Actions.

In pen and paper D&D and in Baldur's Gate 1-2, the spellbook is an actual book rather than a list or a table. A big part of roleplaying a Wizard is that they have an actual book with their spells in, that they memorize from. I noticed that you have implimented that books can be read like an actual book, where an actual book pops up on the screen. Which is awesome. It will be awesome if you would make it so that this also is the case with the spellbook please, rather than it being an unimmersive list or table, like we've so far seen it be in the demo? You can do the same as Baldur's Gate 1-2 did with regards to there being a spellbook for all arcane spells, and a scroll for all divine spells.

Casting from a scroll:
In Neverwinter Nights, there was finally a difference in animation between casting from a scroll or casting with a spellslot. Casting from a scroll made your character read from a scroll as casting animation. I noticed that in the last demo, when your character cast from a scroll, there was no difference in animation, nor in feeling. This would also really be nice to get changed.

Thank you.

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