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Not sure many players are interrested about playing the nearly exact same game SP experience except you're changing a little bit your answers in dialogue and you have a little bit different post game ending...

According to Larian there are branching paths through the story and the game is very reactive to choices you make in game. They’ve specifically said they didn’t want the kind of false choice you see in many games where it makes little real difference whatever you say or do.

Obviously we’ll have to see how well they’ve managed that, but the fact they’ve highlighted it show they’ve at least tried. That kind of interaction is the kind of replayability that interests me personally.

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I don't play pen and papers but it's easier to understand than you have WAY more team/RP possibilities/replayability if you have 5 companions out of, even only 11 (for the exemple, you'll understand).

In DoS 2 you have only 20 teams combinations if you play with a custom character (less if you play with one of the origins).

In P:K, you only have 11 companions which is not many more compared to DoS2... But because you have to take 5 of them you have 462 differents combinations.

Think you understand now what kind of replayability I was talking about.
You can really choose and custom your teams (class but also RP, side quests, personnalities, affinities...) which is the central elements of this kind of game. You can really play/imagine different story, not only few alternative versions.

How different are those 462 play throughs with all the party combinations? Can you really get a different experience each time?

I’d sacrifice some quantity if it means they can do more with how the party reacts to what you do and each other. If the number of party combinations goes up, so does the amount of work they need to do to make them interact in any meaningful way. When is comes to interacting with each other, the amount of work goes up exponentially. Unless you are mainly talking about headcanon?

I do agree that 5 companions is a bit light, and hope they’ll add at least a couple more for the final release. But I don’t agree that more is necessary just better.

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