I want epic sounding & looking magic spells, screen shakes and body parts flying when a crit lands
Yes i want ritual scroll and memorized casting to all look different I want spells with out somatic components to look different than ones that do.
and I want the effects to scale with level and abilities
yes someone with 18+ str should be capable of impressive feats and look cool doing anything but i do want some realism I don't want effects animation coming off my a base attacks save those for crits or for action surge.
I'm thinking of a strong man competitions everyone one of the guys is doing something physical impossible for anyone else to even attempt its amazing to witness and mind boggling how they can move, lift, pull and carry the things that they do. They don't need to add any special graphics or highlights to make a 6 foot 6 tall man pulling 3 tanker cars impressive. It just is. Why can't the same be said for cutting a man in half with a sword? it happened because the character is strong and chooses to fight with a sword, no extra effect needed just a guy in two parts and maybe some gore. (if the sword is a flame tongue it will look pretty cool maybe even have cinders still on the body).
I think audio feedback the crunch of a weapon hitting the swish of a miss is fine for the base attack unless hasted then blur away
I think we all want feedback from the game that makes our actions even auto attack (cause we know fighters don't get much else in 5e) feel like they matter. but i don't want to see spell like effects on melee attacks in the game unless you are a paladin smiting or etc...
I think instead of having effects just because a character is strong might be the wrong way to go about more of these event x trigger cosmetic y like rolling to break down a door and beating the dc by 5 equals cool physical effect there by strong or smart or wise or dexterous characters are more likely to get the cool extra animations..

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