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Dash is the only thign where you people actually have a point since dash is literaly not doign anyhting other than running fast.

>Muh anime
Opinion discarded.
Youre just another salty caster only player that wants martials to have floaty animations for reasons that are beyond me.

Right now, the melee animations feel a bit like Dragons Dogma. which is exactly what they SHOULD feel like.

its funny that everyone prasies Dragons Dogma and Dark Souls for its melee animations but at the same time screeches that this looks like "Magic".
no. its not magic. its an artisitc renditin of the feeling of impact.

That argument you made against Dash just now fits just as much with abilities like Pushing Attack. It's not doing anything other than swinging a weapon.
If you think I am being salty or angry here, then you haven't read my posts right. If I wrote it in an angry way, then my posts would look more like yours.
I actually like how Dragon's Dogma looks in animations. I would prefer less screenshake and hitstop. But besides that, I think the melee animations in Dragon's Dogma was great. And unlike some modern RPGs, twohanded weapons actually had weight to them during swings in Dragon's Dogma (I really don't like seeing a twohanded weapon be swung around as if it weighed the same as a feather, which I why I couldn't enjoy playing a twohanded melee character in Dragon Age 2). I don't see any magical Light effects during the normal weapon abilities in Dragon's Dogma, unlike what we've seen so far from Baldur's Gate 3.
The empact feeling wasn't my main point about that however. It was the magical light and colour effects happening around the character while charging up the ability. It's fair that you like that, but to me that makes me want to play melee characters less.