My problem with dash is that the character plays an animation before dashing. that implies that the character casts a spell. You dont wave your arms around when you prepare to sprint.
if they changed the animation to crouching down and preparing to sprint, thatd be much beter.

However, with the pushing attack, the animation plays during the attack, thus it accentuates the attack.
If the dash action had some swirly lins when running to represent you running fast doesnt bother me.

>Magic light effects
no, there arent any magical light effects in dragoms dogma, there are however effects playng.
Its swing effects, play the game again and look at any of the Warrior special abilities. The swings blurr, theres an impact animation.
Theres also the charging animation for arc of deliverence.

BG3 basically does the same only slightly turned up. Meanwhile compared to games like Guild Wars 2, BG3 is pretty tame.