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Im free to debate your personal preferences if you want a change that directly goes against mine.

If you dont know how you can compare the two then youre proving my point that your argument is based on a knee jerk reaction rather than actual thought.

Dark Souls and Skyrim both represent Medieval Melee combat.

We dont talk about combat SYSTEM here. Were talking about combat PRESENTATION.

are you gonna argue that Skyrims combat represents osmething different than lets say Dark Souls or Dragons Dogmas combat?
Cause i think thats gonna be a hard case for you to argue

Of course you should tell us what you prefer. Give us your reasons, provide examples, etc. That’s what we’re all here for. Maybe you’ll even convince other people.

I only object to people just dismissing other opinions for spurious reasons- someone’s not thought about it, they aren’t proper RPG fans, they aren’t proper BG fans, they’re just filthy casuals, etc. I fail to see any way to gauge a realistic vs more stylistic approach except by personal preference.

Yes, presentation is different from the system. Although whether a particular presentation works well for different people could depend much on the system. For instance the pace of combat in BG3 potentially allows more extravagant animations and effects that could be confusing in a twitch action game. BG3 will be very different to Dark Souls, which is very different to Skyrim. What works for one might not work for the others. They all have medieval melee combat and they all handle it completely differently.

Also you did say “simulation” above, not presentation. Simulation sounds to me like the whole package of combat mechanics, animations, effects, sound, etc.

BTW, I’m on the fence at the moment. I might try the early access and see how it actually feels to play.

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