I'd appreciate following rather viewing habits from cinema productions, than realism. Heck i know fights and all its asthetics from cinema ot from reality.

Some effects and lights are fine, but not to much,should cover up everything else. As it is turn-based i really would like slow-motion (I really love slow-mo and hope community update 3 trailer wasnt just showing slow-mo implemented by the editor but have this ingame too), different camera angles, and stuff that creates asthetic scenes. I personally think XCOM did a pretty good job, including the following camera (which had a toggle off option, though I kept enjoying it and mostly let in on).

Dash you be done well with slow-motion too. After Slowed down first the following acceleration looks much faster in comparision.

I could like this black white preview animation you saw in the demo (the one you saw in the attack enemy selection). Here you really could work with.

Finishing moves and so one would be awesome. (XCOM also did a rather satisfying job here)

Still a dream of mine was a toribash style animator implemted in the yet to release ingame editor. (that won't come anyway)