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>thinking for honor looks awfull
Well congratulations on proving my point.
theres a lot of criticisms of that game but its presentation certainly isnt one.
Which reminds me of the "Baldurs Gate is a cashcrab" posts. you have to be willfully ignorant to hold that opinion. For Honor, presentation wise, is probably the best (not the most realistic) depction of quasi medieval combat there is. Theres amazing mocap, great animations, good clarity and a great sense of weight that other games in the genre can only dream of.

You're really funny.
Thinking you always have the thruth is just a good combo in your head.

Visual effects in For Honor are according to me completely (visual) immersion breaking but guess what ?
Maybe that's not what it's players are looking for ?
Maybe that's why no one talked about it ?
Is that a proove that this game should suits everyone about that ?

About BG3 it looks many players are looking for something with less sensational visual effects, sounds and animations...

Are you wrong if you would like more ?
Of course not... You're always right rolleyes

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