>i dont expect to get a real life feeling
then why do you expect the real life visuals?
Why does this thread even exist? The answer lies in the question.

>now youre using language
language bad!
Get real. Guilt by association is a bad argument.

>Alright, but your examples don’t seem to work in relation to the topic

>Dark Souls combat doesnt have flashy effects
If BG3 has flashy effects then so does Dark Souls. Its basically the same kind of weapon trails, blur effects for strikes etc, only Dark Souls also has sparks and immense screenshake when you use Ultra Greatswords.
>People call dark souls realistic
Not exactly something ive heard a lot. Especialy since in Dark Souls 1 your character tends to wield any weapon he finds like a big club, which is where half the fun comes from aferall.

>Skyrim is not noted for beeing realistic
Exactly. But it also has no effects whatsoever. No impact effects, no weapon trails, no sparks, no blur effects.
Skyrim and Dark Souls are about as "Realistic" when it comes to two handed weapons, Dark Souls obviously got better animation when it comes to stuff like Falchions.
Regardless they are both not overly realistic games, but one of them features combat that is accentuated with effects, screenshake and other tricks that make it look more impactfull.

But fine. Im gonna take another example.
Kingdom Come Deliverence.
What would you prefer combat to look like? Kingdom Come deliverance or Dark souls?
The former is probably the most realistic looking combat simulator outside of games like Mordhau. Which is gonna be my next example while were at it. (even tho mordhau is not realistic at all since it features no footwork in relations to attacks at all and is thus about as realisitic as Mount and Blade warband)

>But what if devil may cry
Different visual genre, hence why i brought up Dragons Dogma instead which you chose to ignore completley because its actually a better example than Dark Souls for my argument.

well Jump and Dash are the only actions where i already said i agree with your position.
>reactive shot vs XCOM
well, theres anohter comparison YOU made not me.
Theres nothing like reactive shot in BG3 from what we know so nothing we can compare it to.

my compariosn was between XCOM (screenshake, deliberate cmaera angles, visible bullets, impact animaitons) vs Age of woners planetfall (no screenshake no visible bullets)