I think I agree to the person who said normal actions should look powerful but not magic.

When you select dash, the character should have a pose that runners have right before the start of a race.
When you select jump the character has a pose that shows he is ready to jump.
Sorry, my english is not good enough to describe how to move your body, but I guess most of you did run or jump (from standing still) in their life or saw somebody doing it and you know that you have a specific pose before this action.
Same thing for attacks with a non magic weapon.
When selecting to use items, the char could grap into his pockets (do armors have pockets?)

Magic effects can look "flashy", like when you want to cast a spell.
Would be great if you hold a scroll in your hand while preparing to use a scroll.

I think it makes sense to have 2 animations, one for preparing an action and another one for performing the action.
The prepare animation can be a bit "over the top" to make sure it is easy to identify.
The prepare animation has to make sure that everybody knows this char wants to cast a spell, use a scroll, make an attack, dash or whatever.
So you can tell if a char is shooting a fire arrow with a bow, uses the fire arrow spell or uses the fire arrow scoll.
This can be useful in multiplayer to see what other players want to do and in all cases to see what enemies do.

Example for a hypothetical forum discussion:
Player A: I killed the bandits with the fireball scoll dropped by the goblin mage.
Player B: The goblin mage did not drop a scroll. What did you do with him?
Player A: I sneaked on the wall above him and threw a giant rock on him which killed him before he could do anything.
Player B: OK, He used the fireball scroll against me when I was fighting him.

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