Even though the thread is ancient now, I loved reading about SandViper's ingame wardrobe. I collected armor, too, and pieced them together into styles (i.e. "Armor for wood elves", "Armor for classic greek hero", "Armor for a water priest", "Armor for the noble class", "Armor for axe-crazy murderer" and so on. Interesting to read Raze's inventory of chests, too. smile

Since there isn't a more appropriate place for this, here are my favorite houses:

- Shop in Aleroth
- Abandoned bar
- Timmy's house
- House you can buy in Verdistis (no kitchen, here's a self-built fireplace)
- Hermit's house in the Dark Forest (again with bushcraft cooking)
- Wasteland house
- Portable home from a sack of grain
- Portable home from the thief book

Then there's also the abandoned houses in Aleroth or Jeremia's hut (which I skipped in this playthrough), and for a while I used to sleep in a blue vase (200 weight) behind Blake's shop, which had a nice "I Dream of Jeannie"-vibe.

I also found that the house in Verdistis where Goemoe was held hostage by the evil mage was suitable (if you don't mind skull lamps, big basement), as well as Boratus' house in the dark forest (again, big basement, minor wolf howling). Interestingly, the wasteland of all places offers one of the most fully furnished and complete houses you could wish for throughout the game, and since it seems that there is one of each item of the game strewn across the destroyed village close by, I was able to recreate my preivous home almost perfectly, after coming there with nothing but the Koram books.

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