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See this kind of proves what ive been saying.
its not about realism, its all about "Muh magic":

This is was this entire topic is about. How dare the fighter do somehting cool.
How dare it have a good animation.
No! This is a game about wizards!

You keep responding in an angry and demeaning way while constantly arguing against things that no one was saying. You misunderstand the meaning behind what is being said here.
No one here that I can see wants normal actions and normal attack animations to look boring and lackluster. No one here has stated anything that meant that they only wanted magic-users to shine.
What the post is about, is to have a clearer distinction animation-wise between normal actions and magical/psionic/magic-item actions. You can still have weapon trail animations, and empact animations, and combo animations, and spectacular finishers. It can still look just as amazing as magic, but in a significantly different way. The Pushing Attack Ability with it's red lightshow, looks like the character is channeling magic into the attack. That's the thing that many of us here have a problem with. If the Ability is about channeling magic into the attack, like some sort of Paladin Ability, or like an Arcane Archer Abilty, or whatever kind of Ability that mixes magic and normal attack, then that's great. No problem with that. But when it's a normal attack or Ability that has nothing to do with magic, then it needs to look distinct from magic. Otherwise, as someone else said, if everything looks like magic, then nothing looks like magic. Then there's very little distinction, and that trivialises the difference between the normal and the magical. And they are supposed to be and to feel and to look distinct from one another.

Larian is capable of making normal Actions and normal attacks have sword trails and empact animations and cool swing animations, while still looking like nonmagical Actions and nonmagical attacks, and still look and feel amazing. But the demos have shown that they've so far done the exact opposite, which is the reason for this thread.

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