and what is serious?

nonsense. This threads going for three pages now and i know very well what i am arguing against.
>no one wants nromal actions look lackluster
By whose standard? By my standard yes thats exactly what several people here want.

>muh lightshow muh channeling
And thats why i have multiple times in this thread told you to THINK about presentation for a bit.
its not a "channeling" animation, its animating 101, if you want something to look impactfull, then you need a slow windup animation, a fast period where the attack flies and then a heavy impact.
it doesnt matter how anything looks in real life, this is how you get that point across form a visual standpoint, anyone that has worked on animations will tell you this.
I can show you pixel art that does it that way.
The same is true fro what you call a "lightshow", when the character is very tiny on the screen and the background is very busy you need some visual oomph or it will get lost in the details.

to make "normaL" abilities like that look as good as they do with those tricks would require an IMMENSE ammount of work.
basicalyl you would need full collision physics, hitboxes modeled perfectly on the body and the body reacting perfectly to an impact.
Unless Larian is willing to make the game look lik Exanima, you cannot remove these thigns ithout it beeing a visual downgrade.

And just to plactate the needless quest for realism in a high fantasy game? i think not.

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