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Within combat the issue for me, as I said on many occasions now even though a certain few people (not you) keep trying to misrepresent my views, is that combat is tediously slow and there is no flow to the combat. And even if TB fans here refuse to admit to it, at least Larian is obviously in agreement that this is a very real problem because their own lead developer spent a lot of time in that RPS interview talking about them trying to find ways to speed up the combat (including tweaking their combat animations) and maintain some semblance of flow.

No matter what you personal feelings toward TB system are, statement that turn-based games don't have a flow is a riddiculus one. You might not like how it plays, or how "gamey" it is for units to move one after another, but it has flow - decisions are made, player imputs appear on screen and enemies react - all those create "the flow", and it needs to be done right for the game to be enjoyable to interact with. It's a different flow then action game, real-time game, or RTwP game, but it has it's own flow. There very point the developer was making that flow of a PnP game doesn't always translate to cRPG and so they changed it. Changes aren't made to make up for making the game TB. Devs are critically looking at systems they import if the need be they tweak them so the game plays as good as it can in a computer setting.

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