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Nah, this is what is ridiculous. You're just redefining the meaning of the word flow to satisfy your views.

You aren't very persuasive, so aside from my own understanding of English, I am going to take the word of the professional game designer who does this for a living over you, but if this is the hill you want to die on, it is all yours.

I think he has a point.
TB is one of my favorite genre but I never played any where we can represent "flow" saying : "decisions are made, player imputs appear on screen and enemies react" (quote from Wormerine).

The only reaction are eventually opportunities attacks... but it only happen in specific situation.
As I said in the locked topic, I really hope the example you gave is something that's gonna be true and we'll be able to act during ennemies turn (considering what the rules allow) but that's not what TB is...

The only "flow" you can have in TB comes from illusions (i.e like cosmetic animations), lack of possibilities (so you don't need many times to choose what to do), and very limited ennemies (so their turn is short enough).
Larian tried the "team turn base" and now the "back-to-back allies on the initiative bar turn base"... But that still doesn't change that no one is reacting if it's not its turn.

A frozen screen in which no one is reacting is not what I call fluent... But maybe fluent and flow are different things.

I really think there's something between TB and RT that is different than RTWP... I think it's something Larian should have think about. The 6 seconds can give us clues.

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