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True. While I would hesitate to say that the screen representation is NEVER part of game mechanics, I personally do not recall seeing a game where the graphics are mechanically meaningful.

Fighting games come to mind - animations range, shape and speed a very much the defining factor of the character, as well as invincibility frames and such.

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Being able to go away and take a cup of coffee while it's the ennemies turn is really what I call a bad flow. It's boring because you just have to wait, sometimes for several minutes.

That's quite an exaduration. I don't recall ever playing a turn based game when turns would take that long - perhaps in large strategy games - like Total War and Civ when other factions can take their time to process their actions - but I haven't seen that happening for a while now, and we are talking 30-60 sec. wait when PC computes moves of a large empire. With no large strategic layer I don't imagine BG3 individual enemy turns taking long, even if there are few of them in the row.

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