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Because BG3 is conceived as a 5e TB game, primarily focussed on multi-player, it has a lot of difficulty being what I would consider a good computer RP experience.

I agreed with your entire post, but this part was especially relevant to me. The TB fans and the PnP/TT fans don't want to and won't ever admit to it, but the truth is that BG3 having TB combat has nothing to do with D&D 5e being TB or any attempt here to "faithfully replicate" the tabletop experience. Those are all empty and meaningless platitudes. Both the Larian devs themselves as well as that guy from WotC who were in the early interviews about the game back in February admitted when this was asked, that there is nothing about 5e rules that would preclude a game being made with RTwP combat (including even reactions, based on the way Larian is doing it right now in BG3). The true reason this game is TB is because this game is first and foremost a couch co-op game, and four people each doing their own thing in RTwP combat would be frustrating for all.

And it is this that bothers me the most about this game. I know some people here want to label me as just a TB hater, but the whole TB combat system issue is actually quite far down my list of things that bother me about this game, which in rank-order are:
Game is being made for co-op play firstly, and single-player is very much secondary
Game looks and feels too much like D:OS (this issue thankfully seems to be going away)
Poor/uninspired crop of companions
Party size reduction to four
TB combat