[And it is this that bothers me the most about this game. I know some people here want to label me as just a TB hater, but the whole TB combat system issue is actually quite far down my list of things that bother me about this game, which in rank-order are:
Game is being made for co-op play firstly, and single-player is very much secondary
Game looks and feels too much like D:OS (this issue thankfully seems to be going away)
Poor/uninspired crop of companions
Party size reduction to four
TB combat[/quote]

I dont agree with you there...
Turn based because its what Larian do anyway - they always wanted to do the next D&D game & turn based is what D&D is - it may not be what BG1 & 2 are but thats from 20 years past & now its another developers vision (& I suspect WOTC - if they thought RTWP was the thing to do then they'd be doing it ...).

How can you make any serious judgement on the companions with what we've seen so far ? give it a chance first....

Im happy with 4 party members but I can understand those who want larger parties - I think looking at the game itself they are just going to deep to allow for 6 i.e cost to much - then again maybe with enough feedback by release of the finished game 6 might be in ...

Clearly you care about the game - maybe you'll become a TB convert - or failing that you'll have a better idea of what might be improved in EA - I think Larian are trying (after that last interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun) to speed combat up abit & find some middle ground so its got a broader appeal. With any luck we wont have to long to wait & find out..