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If TSR had wanted to make a game where everyone decides what they are doing and it all happens simultaneously, they would have done so.

Please do explain to me how, exactly.

Tabletop games having people taking turns are not designed that way out of preference. They are designed that way out of there not being any other choice. Exactly how would a group of people seated around a table playing a game play it other than through taking turns? Please do explain.

it’s a massive stretch of logic to say that real time combat is somehow closer to D&D. Whatever the intent of TSR in designing it, or WoTC in evolving it, the D&D experience is decidedly turn based.

That’s not an argument to say a D&D video game should necessarily also be turn based, I just think that trying to argue to opposite is quite funny.

Nobody's tried to argue the opposite, as you put it. The argument is precisely that just because a PnP game uses turns, because that is the only way it can be done in a tabletop setting, does not mean you have to keep that turns-based system when the game migrates to a videogame setting. The whole point of moving to a videogame setting is to be free of the restrictions of the tabletop.

So, the bottom line is this: It's perfectly fine to argue that a D&D videogame should be TB because that's what you prefer. We all have our personal preferences, and arguing for one's preference of TB is fine. But don't try and push the completely fake, BS claim that just because D&D (or any other RPG system) uses turns in its PnP form, then automatically any D&D videogame MUST be TB and nothing else, because such a claim is complete fallacy.