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It wouldn’t be hard to design a game system so everyone says what they want to do for each round of combat, then you roll for all the results.

That would be a phase based system or something, which is certainly not real time.

Or maybe it’s a “tactical pause” to issue commands before letting events play out?


Whatever you want to call, it’s would be a system where the actions happen concurrently, not sequentially. It wouldn’t be turn based in the sense of everyone waiting to see what happens before deciding what to do.

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Are there no games like this? Shit, maybe I’m onto something here.

You're not on to anything. Real time tabletop RPGs don't exist for one reason and one reason only: the limitations of human communication.

Some enthusiast RPG designers actually tried to design a realtime PnP RPG system, but they gave up, because it was not feasible.

And yet there’s nothing infeasible I can see about what I said above. I don’t care if it’s “real time” or not. If really no one’s thought to make a system like that before, I recon I could do it.

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The things people come up with when trying to promote their personal preferences.

Right back at ya, because that is exactly what you are doing.

Wrong. I enjoy both real time and turn based games. Either can be good or bad, depending on a whole bunch of factors. They are just different systems, with different styles of gameplay. But it just so happens that WOTC gave the BG license to Larian and they are making a turn based game. That’s not going to change.

Regardless of any of that though, your argument for original BG being closer to tabletop is still pretty funny.