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But it just so happens that WOTC gave the BG license to Larian and they are making a turn based game. That’s not going to change.

Sure. And again, no one is arguing any differently on this point. But this is a forum. And the very purpose of a forum is to discuss, debate, and <gasp> air alternative points of view. So just because Larian has made this choice and that choice is not going to change, does not mean people can't comment on their feelings that it's a poor/wrong choice. If that discussion is not of any value to you, there's a very easy way to deal with it: ignore it and move on. But trying to shut people down or even worse, insult and attack people using despicable language (not necessarily you but certainly there have been those kinds of posts) is outrageous and wrong.

As for your idea of how a tabletop game can be made more "simultaneous," @dlux is correct that that is NOT real-time. It is correctly identified as phase-based, which is considered to be a type of turn-based system (so also sorry, you haven't invented something new). In fact, phase-based systems are quite common in large-scale strategic games like wargames and also Civilization, and everyone agrees those are TB games. However, as someone who dislikes the strictly sequential nature of traditional TB systems, I do agree that a phase-based system is a huge improvement over the traditional TB system.