(joining the topic late...)

turn-based combat used to be the core of this experience playing D&D Rpg computer games...since champions of krynn..back in the days of 2D poor vga graphics.
(yes...I remember Death knights of Krynn too..haha....with text messages and rudimentary combat screen..but TB of course! )

maybe some people only remember baldur´s gate and neverwinter nights...so they think it is natural for a game to offer both experiences, TB or rtwp.

But before Baldur´s Gate 1...there were a series fo D&D games for dragonlance, forgotten realms... and they were turn based only.


for those who played that, DOS 2 and BG3 are like the next step in the evolution of turn-based (not RTWP) and we do not mind all the funny situations that can arise, such as one person talking while other is walking or fighting,
or the new hilarious situations with 3D environment, teleportation, etc..because...we remember how much it evolved since Pool of Radiance and DKK...