[You/re almost there Kanisatha ! embrace the TB !!! after this game you'll be loving it ! - i cant recall your feedback but I truly hope you're going with early access so the debate can continue & hopefully we all give some ongoing feedback to make this the D&D/BG game of a generation !!![/quote]

Not gonna' happen. At most I will try it only when it is at least 50% off. If you hated the combat system of a game, would you consider it fair to pay full price for that game?[/quote]

Well - yes if your keen enough to be in the forums probably 8-12 months prior to the release I expect you are already heavily invested or interested in this title. For me its D&D and thats what i like about it - that and finally a developer with some grunt & form taking it on - this is our best shot of getting a decent game out there. While I prefer turn based if Larian Studios & WOTC came out tomorrow & made it RTWP I'd still buy it & play EA. - whats $100 at the end of the day (Thats NZD maybe $60 USD?) to get a great game in your favourite genre.

Although my preference is TB i'd not keep myself from what otherwise is going to be an awesome experience - I played 150 hours of Sword Coast Legends - absolutely panned by critics & D&D players alike it never got a chance - I thoroughly enjoyed it , played it straight from start to finish- it is completely RTWP with modern graphics - beautiful game. Clearly not to everyones tastes though.

Lets face it the line between RTWP & TB is very small in reality its just a slower pace vs a faster pace - maybe they can implement that fast combat scroll wheel like they do in the remastered final fantasy games so you can speedily zip through the best part of the game - combat ! (yes I know story, characters, progression, etc etc I need that to be decent too) but combat is D&D the games built around it, its the exciting part & hopefully the same will shine through in BG3.