First, I applaud you for having given SCL a chance and actually ending up liking it. I like that game a lot too, and see a lot (though not all) of the criticism aimed at it as having been grossly unfair.

The reason I've been invested in commenting on this forum is entirely because this is a Forgotten Realms setting game and a Baldur's Gate game, and not really because it is a D&D game. To repeat, I dislike D&D mechanics and rules, because they are far too dependent on dice rolls and luck. To have even drinking a healing potion be dependent on the luck of a die roll is just utterly ridiculous. I much prefer RPG systems that are only minimally or not at all dependent on luck.

Furthermore, no, combat is most definitely NOT why I play RPGs. I play RPGs for ... the RP in RPG!! Combat is a generally boring chore that I have to tolerate to get all the other stuff that makes the game fun and worth playing.

As I've already said, there's more to my unhappiness with BG3 than the combat system. So if BG3 is our best shot at getting a good D&D game, then that's a stake through my heart because it means I will not ever be getting a D&D - or more specifically a Forgotten Realms game that makes me happy.

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