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I don't know if I'm the only one, but I found it rather difficult to let the ai, even custom scripting, handle casters. Either they would burn through spell slots or I have to micromanage and pause every few seconds. In 5e, most classes have spellcasting and those who don't tend to have a similar resource like ki points or a set amount of rages to use. I don't want to play the game worrying about my monk wasting a ki point to use dodge against some goblins. I'll be honest, I'm not gonna pause against goblins lol. I think TB has an inherent advantage in point and slot economy, since you have full control.

Again, I might be an idiot and it's an easy fix

The easy fix is to go with a party heavy on melee and missile weapon users. wink
It's how I prefer to play these games, which I feel goes a long way to explain my strong preference for RTwP.