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Hey now, be nice. It is crazy hard to find a group to play TT with on a regular basis. So for me, I'm crazy hyped to be able to actually play TT D&D and remember what happened the last time I played lol.

I'm not putting down anyone for wanting that experience. I am merely reflecting what I see as a simple fact. I think those people who badly want a D&D TT experience in a videogame are heavily concentrated on this forum. But they are absolutely NOT representative of cRPG fans or even D&D videogame fans out there in the world. I think people who play RPG videogames are overwhelmingly people who want a D&D videogame experience and not a D&D TT experience in videogame form. In fact, I would not be at all surprised to see Dark Alliance outselling BG3. Again to repeat, NOT AT ALL trying to make all you TT fans feel bad. I'm just pretty convinced that D&D fans who want a TT experience get that from actually playing TT. And when someone plays a videogame, they want a videogame experience and not a TT experience as videogame. It's just my take. That's all.