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Yeah I think you have a point there with people want a video game rather than a TT. But for most people, is TB really that much of a TT thing? I mean for me, TB doesn't give me TT vibes, but I played a lot of civ and XCOM before D&D so that could be why. Does TB scream TT to you that much?

Also I never thought you were making fun of TT players, I just thought I'd add in another point. And yeah I've tried roll20 but unfortunately I never found any luck there, I was surprised.

Yeah I myself am a decades-long TT D&D player. Just recently joined my first ever 5e game on Roll20. But I feel the TT has a lot of limitations on what can be done with a game, and so when I play a videogame it is with the expectation that that videogame experience can somehow transcend the TT experience and allow me to experience things (fantastic imagery for example) that the TT experience doesn't provide. And nowadays this includes NOT having to play with other people because generally people are beginning to really annoy me and I'd much rather play alone with the AI. Videogames, therefore, have become my sanctuary, my refuge, from other people.

Also, yes, I agree, liking TB combat and liking the TT experience are not automatically the same thing. A person can like one and not the other.