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Also I was looking at the different classes, and there is one subclass of fighter and 2 subclasses of rogue that don't have some sort slots or points to waste. Out of 41 subclasses (I'm just looking at PHB cause that's what has been confirmed for the game), there are only 3 that don't have something for the AI to accidently waste. So I think until some system can be put in place to make sure the AI doesn't do that, I think RTwP is at a disadvantage because I doubt everybody wants 2 fighters in their party.

From what we have seen of the proposed implementation of the 5e reaction system, you still might find resources being wasted. If I understand it correctly, you can enable and disable reactions, and they will trigger automatically, the FIRST time their conditions are met.

So if you are, for example, a caster with the shield spell reaction enabled, it will trigger and use a spell slot if you are hit, regardless of whether that is by a weak character with a dagger, or a very strong one with a 2-Handed weapon.

I'm not that familiar with 5e, but I think you only get one reaction per turn, so you also might find yourself not performing the reaction type you really wanted if you enable more than one. I'm not really into the combat side of things myself, but I'm surprised none of the tactics-oriented posters seem bothered by this.