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What do you guys think, should I get the early access, or wait it out for the full game?

I was kinda looking forward to playing a Bard or Paladin, neither of which are in the early access.

I've already participated in EA RPG games before.

The PROs: you'll get to help Larian make a more stable game. Of course it depends on you, and on Larian's capacity to collect reports. It's also important they give feedback or acknowledge the reports, if that's not the case I would avoid the EA altogether because it's frustrating for both to have similar reports, or reports that are ignored.
You'll also get to meet other people in a "special" experience. That depends on how active you are in forums, and how many people participate.
Then the obvious, you'll get to see the game earlier...

The CONs: ... what you'll see earlier will not be in a good state. There will be bugs. So instead of enjoying a game, you'll have to take a different approach, you don't really play it for the game itself, but to help with its debugging. It may be frustrating, and prevent you from enjoying a good RPG game. Once it is released in a "final" state, or as close as possible to that ideal, and depending on the replay value, you may not be in the mood to enjoy it anymore (especially if you were over-active in the test phase).

So it can be quite fun an a different experience, as long as you don't burnout on it, and keep some energy for the actual release.

EDIT: I see the quoting system need debugging as well :p

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