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But these benefits do come at the cost of combat slowing down tremendously, and the flow of combat being lost to the inherent start-stop-start-stop nature of taking turns.

Just as having to pause every couple seconds "real time combat" analyze results of dice rolls, click on enemy character sheet, see their stats and defences, compare them to your characters attack bonuses, scroll through convoluted combat log, which becomes a clusterfuck when 10+ characters perform attacks and rolls at the same time. Thanks to someone encouragement I am playing Kingmaker again, using both real time and turn based combat. There is nothing smooth and flowy about either of those. By having those perform one by one the game at least have a chance to have an even pace. even if a slow one. cRPG will never be Diablo.

I play Kingmaker often. I exclusively play it in RTwP. You couldn't pay me to play it in TB. Combat in my games are always smooth and flow naturally even with the occasional pausing.