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Well 38/41 classes that have been confirmed are casters or have some other form of slot mechanic. Most of the time there will be 3 or 4 "casters" in a party so there's going to be a butt load of pausing in RTwP. At that point, isn't it much the same as TB?

Okay, let's just say for the sake of this discussion that the amount (number of times) of pausing is the same. Then it comes down to what is convenient, doesn't it? And that is personal preference, isn't it? For you (and others), the game automatically pausing after every action is what is most convenient. For me (and others), the game pausing only when I tell it to pause (which includes conditional pause presets) is what is most convenient. Furthermore, the game constantly auto-pausing is actually very aggravating and annoying and intrusive to us. And further to this furthermore, with RTwP, the TB fans at least have the possibility of getting something akin to what they want if the game includes an optional toggle to auto-pause after every character's action. But no similar compromise for RTwP fans exists within a TB combat system. Or put another way, a RTwP system can be made to work like a TB system to at least some extent to make it more palatable to TB fans. But a TB system offers nothing in it that can make it more palatable to RTwP fans.