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Oh I get what you mean now, my bad. And I'm actually on the other end of the spectrum. I love the d20 system and how chance has a play in everything. It makes combat more exciting and as someone who makes it up as I go along, it's definitely my style. I get how it can be annoying though, if you are a good planner, it ruins every single plan. I also like the volume of spells because I feel there is more ways to do things, and I like new ways to do things. I think initiative makes sense in some ways but not others. I fully expect my ninja monk to get a hit in before my wizard can. But it's set to an extreme with a turn order, which I don't think is entirely fixable

Yes I am all about planning everything, and yes I am very good at it. So yeah, I want the game to reward me for having done my homework, for having pre-planned, and for having made good choices with my character development, and absolutely NOT have game outcomes be determined by sheer luck or randomness. To each their own, right?

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Owlcat's next game is going to be turn-based Sci/Fi, btw. Probably based on Starfinder, which equally is based on Pathfinder/D20, but they've yet to announce it.

I haven't seen any such info, but would be interesting. I would be very pissed at them, as someone who has backed with a decent amount of money their two Pathfinder games, if their attitude is to include a TB option in their RTwP games but not include a RTwP option in their TB game.