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I also think etonbears has it right, I love having options open. And I'm curious now, what kind of plans do you have? Do you plan it out attack by attack or just a general strategy of hitting a weak point?

Well, in DnD terms, planning might be as simple as being able to find out the types of damage/effect that a potential opponent can deal, and those to which they are resistant or susceptible; this allows you to prepare, and gives you an edge.

It might also include investigating ways to avoid a potential opponent; through stealth, finding an alternative route, persuading or tricking some other actor into distracting the opponent, luring the opponent away from the route you wish to take etc.

The best designed games take into account a wide variety of possibilities. Most don't, of course, but players will often find their own ways to manipulate ( cheese ) the limited options they are offered; which is a perfectly valid attitude for a player to take if the game design is inadequate, in my opinion. smile

I'm generally rubbish at designing good characters and parties for combat, I usually look at what is available and go with what seems interesting ( only to find that the skills etc you have selected are no use in that particular game smile ). This is why I need to plan - how to avoid combat, or even the odds so I have some chance of not dying all the time!