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the roll of the D20 imitates life

Yeah, but games are supposed to be fun. smile

Crappy outcomes & party wipes are all part of the fun ! overpowered D&D characters who cant fail at anything without divine intervention also gets un-fun pretty quick too

What is fun for someone at a given moment, it's very subjective. Without a way to adjust randomness from difficulty settings, character stats and even cheats if needed; even the best game can become annoying very quickly.

Not just the randomness detail, but everything is a mixed bag: there are parts one likes, parts that are somehow tolerable, and others which are hated (for a good reason, though of course all is just subjective).
Including the various expectations based on what each of us expect from definitions such as a "Baldur's Gate" game and beyond.

Of course will be impossible to please everyone, in a limited time, even if the budget would be unlimited. Having more options to adjust more things, can add a bit of sweetness to those bitter parts. If still isn't tasty enough, then it's a bad roll, try another game, that's how life works -- and when this happens it's rarely fun. That's why I like games more than life: they are about fun. Life could learn from these games smile