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If I'm a troll for calling out Kanisatha as a troll, then fine I'm a troll. I can accept that. But I would challenge anyone to go back and compare our opinions, both good and bad, of this game; a game this isn't even released as Early Access yet. And then come and try and tell me that I am the troll in this scenario. I've voiced my negative opinions in mature ways, like the past-tense speak and team-based initiative before the changes. I've not read yet a single mature critique from K, it's literally all "it's shit and nothings going to change and i probably won't play it". Yet he comes back day after day to shit on a game that ISN'T EVEN RELEASED YET all the while saying its a game he isn't even going to play. That is the definition of a troll.

I wish I could up vote this.