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That is a good point, turn based is better as a caster/magic user. From a fighting perspective what do you prefer more? Do you still prefer turnbased or real time, when using a fighter?

Larian seems to be adding other actions into combat though (push and jump) setting reactions. I would agree that the major downside of turn-based cRPG (speaking from Pathfinder experience) is that it reveals how little decisions there are to make. Buffs were cast before the fight (though that is something Larian might address as well) and all is left is swinging at enemies. With melee combat one can’t really even change a target without loosing a whole or a big chunk of the turn. In addition in P:K most enemies in the encounter are the same, so switching targets would be counterproductive anyway.

Still, the last one is something one can be fixed with a better encounter, and all classes seem to have more active abilities then just those that come from their class.