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Turn based is way better for me, who likes to solo as a pure caster, real time its impossible, always have to build a battle mage sort of.

That is a good point, turn based is better as a caster/magic user. From a fighting perspective what do you prefer more? Do you still prefer turnbased or real time, when using a fighter?

Yes I had this same discussion with another poster in another thread here. I agree that if you have a caster-heavy party then RTwP can get to be overwhelming at times, and so TB may work better for those players. But by contrast, for players who favor melee-heavy parties, like me for example, and keeping in mind what @Wormerine said as well, RTwP is so much better whereas TB is extremely boring to just keep clicking 'attack' again and again round after round. So ideally, for me, yes I want RTwP over TB, but at the same time I also want there to be far fewer active abilities (including spells) available to characters in the game. Whenever I have the choice, I always pick passives over actives for my abilities.

That said, I still believe very strongly that even for casters, being able to cast offensive spells while the enemy is moving is exactly how things should be in a "good" combat system. TB fans always use the example of a wizard casting the 'fireball' spell and complain that it is "unfair" or whatever that by the time their spell goes off the enemies have moved out of the AoE of the spell, and possibly even allies have moved into it. For me, that is *exactly* how it should be for casting a fireball, where making that judgment, in real time, of where the enemy and your allies are going to be when the spell goes off is part of the expectations of the combat system.

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