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there's also tyranny, dragon age, and for upcoming rtwp solasta. and yes you are correct on wrath.

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I would like to see a big budget real-time with pause RPG. I think a big issue of games like Pathfinder or Pillars is poor visual feedback, and bigger production value might help in that regard.

Dou you count DragonAge games in that? Or have they changed too much to really count any more?

@DrunkPunk Solasta is turn-based. Yes, I forgot about Tyranny (mostly because I thought combat was pretty poor - I am not a fan of spamming cooldown abilities.

Yes, I do count Dragon Age, though I have a personal grudge toward that game, which is rare for me. Too much hype, first earned money spent, and much disappointment as well as my first interaction with invasively implimented poor quality DLCs.