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No, the origin of this is that whenever I (or others as well) ask a TB fan to provide some specifics about why they dislike RTwP combat, a very common reason they cite is that things are "chaotic" and "messy" in RTwP combat. I'm not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing myself. I'm merely saying this is what TB fans often say.

For me, it's the constant micromanaging. Exemple: in BG, you either auto-attack and then have each of your characters use their weapons, a situation in wich the bards/mages/sorcerers etc contribute little. Or, you constantly issue commands (spells, songs, anilities,etc) to your non-fighter classes if you want the fight to be optimal. Thats why I used to just bull rush nearly every encounter except the tougher ones. Trying to do that on the fly was a no for me. Maybe I'm not good enough, but it does become chaotic if I try to do it without pause and I would just fall a step behind, not fast enough.

The EEs brought some improved AI but most times it just wastes your ressources on even the most trivial encounters. There is no middle ground.

And I'm no fanboy or cheerleader. I really liked Rtwp for the last 20+ years, but since i've played D:OS and D:OS2, I've taken a liking to TB and I thinkTB I is where it's at now for a DnD game. Makes more sense.

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